Easy Stride

Easy Stride is a topical hoof preparation that is intended for use solely to aid in the treatment of minor abnormalities of the surface structure of the hoof in cattle. Eco Friendly! But effective.

Easy Stride is a topical hoof preparation for cattle.

Easy Stride does not contain antibiotics, formaldehyde, copper sulphate or any other heavy metals, making this a more eco – friendly solution, which can be applied by spraying or used with a foot bath.

Easy Stride may be used in goats and sheep.


Active ingredients:

Formic acid 10- 30%

Lactic acid 10-30%

Available in a 20 litre drum.

Use as a 2% solution.

2L Easy Stride  per 100 litres of clean water.

Agilis ‘Easy Stride’ A4 Flyer JUN19