Alpheus Anti - Parasitic Capsule has been developed by Sirona Animal Health to protect R1 cattle. Alpheus give 4 months broad spectrum protection.


A unique solution to larval challenge in autumn pastures

New Zealand farmers often face decreased or even negative growth rates with their R1 cattle through the autumn period due to a high level of larval challenge, and despite adequate nutrition and treatments with anthelmintics.

What is Alpheus?

They can now avoid severe damage to the animal’s gut caused by ingesting high numbers of parasite larvae, and long-term effects on growth and production, with the unique new Alpheus Anti-Parasitic Capsules.

Developed by a Kiwi vet and made in New Zealand specifically for Kiwi farmers, Alpheus Anti-Parasitic Capsules offer four months premium protection from just one dose delivered using revolutionary Captec technology

Benefits at a Glance

  • Gives +/- 125 days broad-spectrum protection
  • Animals cannot be under dosed if given within the recommended weight
  • Unique Captec technology prevents regurgitation
  • Kills incoming larvae minimising gut damage
  • Prevents development of larvae to adult stage
  • Floats in the rumen so can be given concurrently with other treatments, e.g. FE boluses, trace element boluses
  • Applicator allows simultaneous administration with other CR boluses
  • ‘Unique flat head design of applicator makes it easy to administer.
  • For cattle in weight range 120kg – 300kg

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Alpheus is available direct through your local vet.
For any questions please call your Agilis rep on 0800 agilis.

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