Perfect Udder

Improve your calf health with Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management Kits.

Agilis are pleased to be the distributors of the the Perfect Udder, Colostrum Management System developed by Dairy Tech.

The kits contain 4 litre colostrum collection bags, which are used to collect quality colostrum which you are able to freeze and then de thaw to give your calves the best start in life.

All in one Bio- secure, easy to use economical bag.

Along side the 4 litre bags are a nipple and esophageal tube that attach to the bag for easy feeding.

These bags are able to be Pasteurized as well, if a pasteuriser is something that you are intersted in please conatct your local Agilis rep, and we are able to look at getting these in for you. Dairy Tech have a wide range of sizes and systems.

To dethaw/ warm the Colostrum bags, use a warm water bath temp 60ºc, over 60 mins. ( Do not exceed this temperature.) Then simply attached the tube or nipple and feed direct to calf.


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Perfect Udder is available direct from your vet. For any questions please call your Agilis rep on 0800 agilis.