Dairy Tech Inc Pasteurisers

Improve herd bio-security and calf health. Scientifically Proven, effective pasteurisation of colostrum and milk.

Agilis are pleased to be the distributors of Perfect Udder Pasteurisers by Dairy Tech in New Zealand.

Dairy Tech Platinum Series Pasteurisers are scientifically proven  with fully automated pasteurisation cycles for colostrum and waste milk.

Using a heat treating process where a specific cycle is selected for a particular time for  colostrum which inactivates and eliminates major pathogens, while maintaining immunoglobulins so that passive transfer of immunity is not affected.

Agilis ‘Perfect Udder – Combi Pasteurizer 60g’ A4 Flyer MAY18 (email)

Agilis ‘Perfect UdderDairy Tech – Heat Treating’ A4 Flyer MAY19


Dairy Tech Pasteurisers are available direct through your local vet.
For any questions please call your Agilis rep on 0800 agilis.

For further information please visit www.dairytechinc.com.